Huntington University Community Life Agreement

A third principle is the Community. Any choice made by a member of the Huntington University community can either reinforce the sense of the community or divert attention from it. The agreement on community life should reflect the values of the Community and challenge the members of that community to grow positively. Community members should be prepared to confront each other in a spirit of Christian love and hold each other to account for their behaviour. In conclusion, the University of Huntington tries to be a community that reflects the mutual respect of its members. Discussions are expected between roommates on borders and expectations in the area of acceptable media in the dormitory. In the true Christian community, it is important that all members of i Corinthians 8:9 model: “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block for the weak.” Each floor or wing has an assistant resident, who is a upper class man and who has been chosen to help students adjust to residency and university life. The RA serves as a mentor, programmer, disciplinary and residence administrator. RA are highly motivated student leaders who are interested in serving their residents and the campus community. The University of Huntington is committed to creating a Christ-centered university community in which its members can practice their educational policy activities with a sense of freedom and security. To this end, physical violence against another person is strictly prohibited. The university will not tolerate any explicit or tacit threats against others. Any behaviour that threatens or endangers the health, physical or emotional safety of a member of the community, including himself, on or off campus, is not acceptable.

This may include any infringement of bias-motivated behaviour on characteristics, including, but not limited, to race, sex, religion or class, which may result in significantly more severe penalties and immediate suspension or expulsion. We believe that the benefits of a residential campus include the development of informal tutoring relationships, a sense of community, healthy and balanced interpersonal relationships that all occur in mixed residences. All students are expected to take mature actions that correspond to good Christian behaviour. Disciplinary action will be taken if the behaviour of the students is such that the university community is affected. In addition to complying with higher education guidelines, students are expected to comply with all federal, regional and local laws. By accepting admission to Huntington`s University, the student agrees to live within lifestyle norms, even if he personally disagrees or considers them moral issues. The following university huntington community standards are not exhaustive, but are intended to give a student an idea of the behaviours that may lead to disciplinary action. Christians are called to connect in a spirit of interdependence and responsibility (1 Corinthians 12:12-31, Ephesians 4:1-6). If we grow up together in our Christian community at the University of Huntington, we should show a Christ-like accent, love others (John 13:34-35) to share the Gospel around the world (Matthew 28,19-20), show the evidence, that the Holy Spirit works through our lives (Galates 5:22-23), seek justice (Micah 6:8), work for peace (Matthew 5:9), commit to reducing poverty (Luke 12:33) seek reconciliation (Matthew 18:15-17) , good administrators of our body (I Corinthians 6:18-19) and our talents and resources (Matthew 25:14-30) who reflect Christ in our appearance and behavior (Colossians 3:17) and who take care of the world, which God created for us (Genesis 1.26-31).