Refund Processing Agreement

Hi guys, just as I talked about the “Accept” press I noticed this “39.99 $Refunding Processing Fee” which will be added if you decide to pay for your refund service. If you pay with CC beforehand, this tax will be removed. Save $40! During this tax season, many consumers have already met with Twitter and other social media to complain about a $39.99 tax, known as “refund fees” when they use TurboTax online. Some consumers misrepresent the tax. One day together! I know it`s tax season and there will be a lot of contributions to use on different software and other tips, etc. I hope you can learn from my little mistake, which cost me $35. I filed on TurboTax and I did not read the fine print with enough precision. You do NOT have to pay a “refund fee” to have your refund deposited directly into your account. Just pay the software usage fee with your credit card (not your retirement). If a provision of this agreement proves unenforceable or invalidated, that provision is limited or removed to the minimum necessary to ensure that, otherwise, the agreement remains fully in force and remains effective and applicable. This agreement can only be ceded, transferable or under-licensed by the Customer with HeatMap`s prior written agreement. HeatMap may transfer and transfer all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement with written notification to the Customer.

Both parties agree that this agreement is a complete and exclusive declaration of mutual understanding between the parties and that it nullifies and cancels all prior written and oral agreements, communications and agreements relating to the purpose of this Agreement, and that all waivers and amendments must be made in an act signed by both parties. , unless otherwise stated. This agreement does not create an agency, partnership, joint venture or employment, and the client has no authority to hire HeatMap in any capacity. In all measures or procedures to enforce the rights of this agreement, the dominant party is authorized to recover legal fees and fees. All communications under this agreement are made in writing and are deemed to have been issued if received, when they are transmitted in person; If the receipt is confirmed electronically, when it is faxed or e-mailed; and after receipt, if by authenticated or registered mail (return card requested), postage paid in advance. HeatMap is not responsible for losses resulting from a cause over which it has no direct control. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Delaware, United States, regardless of the conflict rules of laws. Federal and regional courts in Kent, Delaware, United States have regular and exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction over all litigation arising from or related to the purpose of this agreement. The client undertakes to participate in press statements, case studies, fairs or other forms that HeatMap has reasonably requested. HeatMap is entitled to disclose, at its sole discretion, that the customer is one of its customers to third parties.

5.1 The customer pays HeatMap the fees set on the order form (the “taxes”). If applicable, the customer pays HeatMap for additional services such as integration or other consulting fees. All payments are made in accordance with the payment plan and payment method. Unless otherwise stated, payments are due within 30 days of billing. 5.2 Unpaid fees are subject to a 1% financing tax (1.0%) per month, or the maximum allowed by law, depending on the deadline, plus all collection costs, including reasonable legal fees.