Turkey 100 Year Agreement Ending

In September 1984, after years of negotiations, the British and Chinese signed a formal agreement authorizing the re-island to China in 1997, in exchange for China`s promise to maintain Hong Kong`s capitalist system, and on July 1, 1997, Hong Kong was officially ceded to China, which included a series of high-ranking Chinese and British personalities. , the head of the new government in Hong Kong Tung Chee Hwa , has established a policy based on the concept of “one country, two systems” that retains the role of Hong Kong as a major capitalist center in Asia. “These military interventions are in the context of a previous Turkish intervention in northern Iraq, with the intention of conducting combat exercises in several regional countries and signing military agreements with Arab and African countries. The idea is to develop Turkish relations abroad in order to promote military exports, maximize economic returns and increase regional influence on the basis of a hard power,” he added: “Erdogan`s aggressive nationalism now goes beyond Turkey`s borders and aims to obtain land in Greece and Iraq. The treaty is looming even more. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has a penchant for position on historical symbols, began meeting late last year with the head of Libya`s UNITED Nations-backed government at a former palace of Ottoman sultans in Istanbul. After one of those meetings, Erdogan explicitly linked his government`s newly strengthened foreign policy to a historic settlement. “Thanks to this military and energy cooperation, we have overthrown the Treaty of Sevres,” he said, praising his country`s desire to re-project power over the Mediterranean. In November 1914, the Ottoman Empire also had to relinquish its political and financial rights over Egypt and Sudan. In addition, at a commemorative ceremony in 2016, Erdogan said he rejected any understanding of the history that takes 1000 years of history of his nation and civilization in 1919″ Whoever let our last 200 years, even 600 years with his victories and defeats, and who jumps directly from the ancient Turkish history to the Republic, is an enemy of our nation and our state.

, he explained. And by 2023, the treaty period, which has passed a hundred years, is coming to an end, and that is where we understand Erdogan`s comments, since Turkey will enter a new era, and begin with oil exploration and drilling of a new canal that will begin between the two black and marmara seas as preparation for the pricing of passing ships. With an economic situation out of control, Erdogan yesterday began symbolically provocative naval maneuvers in the Greek maritime space, which put the Greek army on alert and war. By allowing seven warships to be accompanied by the research vessel Orué Reis, Erdogan made a significant gesture by launching a major provocation on a day considered a national embarrassment for Turkey. By defying Greece`s maritime space for the exploration and search for gas deposits, Erdogan is trying to show that Turkey is not weak as it was a hundred years ago, when the treaty was signed, but rather a powerful country capable of advancing its interests. Yesterday we celebrated the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Sevres.