Ufs Financial Agreement Form Pdf

Detailed information on first payments, accommodation fees, bank details and payment data can be found on the student finance website. To view a snapshot of 2019 registration payments, click here. Registration is the process by which you officially register as a student at UFS. Please note that if you accept a fixed offer from the UFS, a registration information guide will be sent to you. Your application will only be assessed after receiving your certified academic transcripts (which must be translated into English), a completed egg application form and a certified copy of your passport. Applications can now be completed online. Visit our www.ufs.ac.za website, click on the “Students” tab, then click on the UFS application forms, or contact applications@ufs.ac.za. Remember that the surface or air mail of your country can take more than two to three weeks to reach South Africa. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application arrives at the university before the registration deadline. Your application will be further delayed if you do not complete the application form as you wish or if you do not send proof of payment on the non-refundable filing fee and if the photographic or scientific results are not attached. The UFS is trying to establish itself as an institution that follows the provision of excellence and quality knowledge through academic excellence, diversity, inclusion and innovative and transformative thinking. We welcome all our first and senior students in early 2019. For more information on the 2019 registration process, click here.

First-year students and parents are also invited by the respective deans to the faculty`s host programs. You have the opportunity to meet with your faculty staff and get important scientific information. Students must receive four (or more) from 10 disciplines. Students with a score of four or less ten in one of the IELTS sub-tests must take a language proficiency test at our orientation centres. Based on this assessment, it may be recommended that the budding student complete a six-month English course in the English department before starting his or her studies. Once they graduate, students can continue their studies or pursue English and planned studies. Students who register under an exchange contract are not subject to these requirements, provided that the Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Understanding, Memorandum of Understanding) defines their knowledge of English. If you have received and accepted the conditional offer submitted to you in 2018 and you have paid the admission fee for studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the final admission procedure that will take place from January 8, 2019 as noted above will not apply to you. Please contact the Faculty of Health Sciences on 27 51 401 7513 7516 7517 if you need help.

www.ufs.ac.za/prospective/prospective-home/general/become-a-student CallCenter: `27 51 401 9666` studentadmin@ufs.ac.zaCentre for Universal Access and Disability Support: Martie Miranda: `27 51 401 3713` cuads@ufs.ac.zaFaculté in economics and management: Lizette Pretorius: `27 51 401 2173` lpretorius@ufs.ac.zaFacult fàr Bildung: Charmell Cardoso: `27 51 401 9843 / 3041 eduinfo@ufs.ac.zaFacult for Gesundheitswissenschaften: Lydia du Toit: `27 51 401 3739 / 7513 dutoitl@ufs.ac.zaFacultation of the Humanities: Marica Coetsee: `27 51 401 2369` coetseem@ufs.ac.zaFaculté du droit: Courtley Pharaoh: `27 51 401 2735` pharaohcd@ufs.ac.zaFacult for Natur- und Agrarwissenschaften: Lee-Anne Frazenburg: `27 51 401 3199` damonsle@ufs.ac.zaFacult for Theology und Religion: Rev Marlene Oosthuizen: `27 51 401 2617` moosthuizen@ufs.ac.zaFinance: `27 51 401 2052 / 9800Finance (NSFAS): `27 51 401 98 94 / 7731 / 7175 / 0860 067 327Gateway Orientation Program: Lucy Sehloho: `27 51 401 9876` sehloholp@ufs.ac.zaPromtements and Residences (Female): Monica Ramsoomar: `27 51 401 3455` ramsoomarm@ufs.ac.zaMain and residence (male): Vanisher Khetha: `27 51 401 3562` vkhetha@ufs.ac.zaThe off-campus accommodation: Portia Arodi: `27 51 401 211