Energy Agreement

wind energy is a priority of the energy agreement. As a result, the Minister is not prepared to radically change the strategy with respect to the continuity objective. Chart 1: Share of energy produced from renewable sources in EU Member States, 2013 (as a % of gross final energy consumption), source: Eurostat, 2013 ESA`s main advantage for property owners is the elimination of the pre-costs of capital-intensive modernization projects, which save energy and significant costs over the life of their buildings. Payments come directly from energy units saved. On the owner`s side, there are no additional capital fees or advances. The AAE distinguishes where the sale of electricity takes place with respect to the location of the buyer and seller. If electricity is delivered in a “bus bar” sale, the delivery point is on the upper side of the transformer next to the project. In this type of transaction, the buyer is responsible for transferring the seller`s energy. Otherwise, the AAE distinguishes another delivery point contractually agreed by both parties.

[9] Depending on where the energy is produced, there are several types of AAE: electricity prices are agreed as the basis for an AAE. Prices can be flat, degenerate over time or otherwise negotiated, as long as both parties agree to the negotiations. In a regulated environment, an electricity regulator will regulate the price. An AEA will often indicate how much energy the supplier must produce each year, and the excess energy generated will have a negative impact on the rate of sale of the electricity the buyer will purchase. [9] This system is designed to encourage the seller to properly assess the amount of energy produced over a period of time. Although coal has been a cheap and stable source of energy for decades, many opponents who have recently opposed coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands believe it is not part of a clean energy economy. 1. Supporting projects abroad that are expected to produce more renewable energy The Minister insists that the remaining coal-fired power plants remain open.