Long Term Supply Agreement Example

This agreement, and all related timetables, constitute the entire agreement between Part A and Part B envisaged and replace all previous discussions, negotiations and agreements or other written documents between the two parties. Any amendments or modifications to this agreement are made in writing and are carried out by the authorized representatives of the two contracting parties with a view to its entry into force. In accordance with the long-term supply contract signed on 1 July 2006, the two parties enter into a 2007 wafer delivery agreement: this model is intended only for use when the supplier and purchaser are established in the United Kingdom and the goods must be delivered to the United Kingdom. In any other case, you should give professional legal advice regarding the terms of the agreement that will suit your circumstances. After friendly negotiations, Part A and Part B entered into the agreement that follows the purchase of Part A products mentioned in Part B: it is a general agreement over a relatively long period during which one party agrees to deliver and the other to purchase annual quantities of products or materials. The agreement contains minimum and maximum annual quantities with a destination for each sale that must be made against an order for a fixed quantity. This agreement may be used for manufactured goods or raw materials, although some raw materials subject to environmental considerations are subject to detailed provisions and local legal advice. The supplier can terminate this contract without delay if the buyer does not pay the outstanding sums within thirty (30) calendar days following receipt of the notification. In the event of a material change in the buyer`s financial situation, the supplier has the right to change the terms of credit, cancel one or more product deliveries and/or withhold product deliveries, but such a measure does not absolve the buyer of its obligation to accept and pay the remaining parts of the product if delivered by the buyer. JingAo Solar Co., Ltd., a company that was founded and exists under Chinese law, with its headquarters in Jinglong Street, Ningjing County, Hebei Province (Part A); and at the end of the procedure, the buyer will immediately pay the supplier the current purchase price for all products in possession or control of the buyer, regardless of the terms of payment for this confirmation of sale or an invoice from the supplier.