Siue Bursar Financial Agreement

Federal Direct Loans, scholarships, scholarships and waivers are applied directly to the student`s statement of account through B/R. These premiums/loans are credited B/R with a payment date (validity date) that has no more than 10 days before the start of the registration period. Refund cheques are made one week before the start of the registration period. Students who drop out/leave before the start of the enrollment period or who are determined to never have participated have withdrawn all their financial support for each semester and return to the corresponding financial assistance program. The resolution of the overrun could lead the student to pay the university if the financial assistance granted to him has already been paid into the student`s account. The Office of the Bursar is committed to providing exceptional financial services to students and the community at the University of Southern Illinois. Our mission is to provide these services as efficiently, friendlyly, efficiently and customer-oriented as possible. Look at your bill on Salukinet! 11.1.2 The monitoring or observation of each member`s work is carried out personally by the member`s superior or agent and with full knowledge of the member`s concern. Assessments that assess or document the quality of a member`s teaching or services, which are performed by students who do not receive direct services from that member, but who may be assigned to that member or their classroom, should not be used as a factor in assessing a member`s work performance. Individual student comments are not included in the member`s official files without the member`s consent. Summary observations by the direct tutor or representative on student evaluations may be included in the assessment minutes; At the request of the association, the university immediately makes available all relevant information and documents for a complaint within seven (7) days of this request. After notification to the association, the university receives seven (7) additional days to respond to the request if needed.

The appeal period is frozen until the application is met beyond the seven (7) days. This period may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. To accept the agreement online, log on to CougarNet and select: 14.3 No material may be used for criminal or disciplinary sanctions against a member who has not been placed in the member`s personal file in accordance with this article. This prohibition does not apply to investigative or security documents held by the university to investigate alleged criminal activity of a member or any other alleged a member`s activity, which can reasonably be expected to interfere with the ownership, operation or business of the university or to result in the financial liability of the university by the member`s actions. These registers can only be accessed if the university takes adverse personnel measures on the basis of information contained in these registers. 8.1.3 Members who are considered compensated by the Fair Labor Standards Act and who are sometimes invited to work a significant number of hours outside the normal work week have the opportunity to receive equivalent leave that must be considered by mutual agreement between the member and the member`s supervisor.