Agreement Donkey

Legal guardians are encouraged to develop their knowledge of donkey care and behaviour by participating in training courses and workshops. Details of the courses available can be found in our training centre. Matthew Stone, Deputy Director General of the OIE, said: “The agreement includes cooperation activities on the roles and responsibilities of the veterinary profession in the field of animal welfare, cooperation in the development and revision of international animal welfare standards and guidelines relevant to both organisations, ICFAW and OIE; and the development of dialogue and exchange of views on common issues of interest to animal welfare NGOs, as championed by ICFAW and OIE. Amy McLean has always had a soft spot for long ears. November, an international charity for horses based in Sidmouth, UK. The crisis threatens many of the rarest donkey breeds in the world and is a vital means of transport for the poor. But it also stimulates new studies of donkey biology – including the possibility of accelerating their reproduction. Subject to current availability, the placement of a single donkey is provided as an accompanying person for a private donkey. In such circumstances, it is necessary for Guardian applicants to sign an accompanying agreement in order to ensure the sustainable health and well-being of the relocated donkeys. This is subject to a 21-day “cooling-off period” to allow the Guardian to review its position before receiving a donkey as part of the Rehoming program. Thank you for thinking about becoming a donkey keeper and re-owning donkeys from our charity. Insurance for veterinary expenses is encouraged.