Berkshire Village 1973 Agreement

It was eventually agreed that the Council`s executive functions would be limited to “tourism, nature conservation and animal health”, but this did not reassure unionists, who saw any influence of the Republic on northern affairs as a step towards a united Ireland. They saw their fears confirmed when, in a speech at Trinity College Dublin, SDLP Councillor Hugh Logue publicly described the Council of Ireland as “a vehicle that would lead unionists to a united Ireland”. [4] On December 10, the day after the agreement was announced, loyalist paramilitaries formed the Ulster Army Council, a coalition of loyalist paramilitary groups, including the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer Force, who would oppose the agreement. On December 9, a statement was issued announcing the deal, which later became known as the “Sunningdale Agreement.” On the 21st The other members of the executive were the trade unionist Basil McIvor as Minister of Education, the trade unionist Herbert Kirk as Minister of Finance, Austin Currie, member of the SDLP as Minister of Housing, the Unionist Leslie Morrell as Minister of Agriculture, Paddy Devlin, member of the SDLP, as Minister of Health and Social Affairs, the Unionist Roy Bradford as Minister of the Environment and the Unionist John Baxter as Minister of Information. [3] This new executive, composed of the aforementioned members, took office and had its first meeting on January 1, 1974 [3] The UUP was deeply divided: its standing committee voted by 132 votes to 105 to participate in the executive. Conrad Birdwood Willcocks 1887-1973, architect. His recordings, which contain all the plans and documents of almost all the projects he has worked on, are held by BRO (Ref. D/ EWK). See Vol 74 Jan.