Sublease Agreement Template Michigan

This lease is used by the subtenant to replace his lease with another person when he can no longer fulfill the temporary commitment of the lease. If another person lives in the apartment while the tenant is not able to live there, the burden of having to pay the rent at that place and where they are in the average period is removed. If a sublease agreement is active, the subtenant may have the same rights as the original tenant while staying there. 5. RENTS: Rent is $___ per month, payable in advance on __ The rental is payable in ________ 6. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: the sublease agreement expires at __ PUBLIC SERVICE: All ancillary costs related to the premises to be paid by the subtenant under the master lease agreement must be paid by the subtenant for the duration of this sublease. 8. CONDITION OF OWNERSHIP: the subtenant undertakes to hand over and deliver to the sub-tenant the premises and all furniture and decorations inside the premises in as good condition as at the beginning of the period, with the exception of appropriate wear and tear. The subcontractor is liable to the subcontractor for any damage caused to the premises, their contents or the building, committed by the subcontractor or its hosts.

9. DEPOSIT: The subtenant agrees to pay the subtenant a deposit of ________pour cover damages that go beyond normal wear and tear, unpaid rent and unpaid incidental costs. The subtenant agrees that, if the premises and the contents of it are returned to him in the condition in which the subtenant received them, appropriate wear and tear is excluded and if the subtenant is not liable for unpaid rent or an unpaid electricity bill, it will be refunded to the subtenant at the end of the vie._ period or within 30 days thereafter. Any reason for withholding part of the deposit must be communicated in writing to the sub-parties within thirty days. 10. INVENTORY FORM: At the time of taking over the premises by the Unterzeuern, the sub-manufacturer shall make available to the sub-celator an inventory form within three (3) days of taking possession. 11. INITIAL LEASE AGREEMENT: The sublease agreement includes and is subject to the original lease agreement between the sublessee and its lessor, a copy of which is attached and which is so called and recorded, as if it were set out in detail here. The subtenant agrees to assume all the obligations and responsibilities of the subtenant arising from the initial lease for the duration of the sublease agreement.

12. OTHER CONDITIONS: ______________ACCORD EXCLUSIVE: The parties agree: that this document contains the entire agreement between the parties and that this agreement is not modified, modified, modified or supplemented in any way, except by a written modification signed by all parties. (Oral statements made at the time of performance of the rental agreement are not valid and therefore do not bind either party. . . .